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Airborne & Mobile Lidar

GEOTAUR has a lot of experience in applying airborne & mobile LIDAR technology, able to perform and complete full workflow process, from acquiring, over processing to the presentation of the processed spatial data.

Terrestrial laser scanning & data processing

Laser scanning technology provides a fast and cost-effective method of getting more accurate and highly detailed 3D models of the required objects.

Vertical & oblique photogrammetry

The goal of digital photogrammetry is to establish the geometric relationship between an object and a digital image and derive spatial information about the object strictly from the image.

3D modelling & BIM

Every project comes with a huge amount of information and BIM is a way to bring all those details into one place.

3D Mapping & Topographical data analysis

The detection of features from airborne & mobile survey systems is a fundamental component of feature based mapping. Reducing of billions of points to sufficient number of features, that can be recognized by end users from different industries, gives this industry a meaning.

Land surveying

As one of many GEOTAUR’s activity is land surveying with following subdivided activities: Topographical survey Includes the usage of conventional and modern survey equipment in order to acquire data for the preparation and production of topographic maps which provide requested details and information related to ground surface with appurtenant topographical features.

GIS & Web mapping

Using GIS applications gives the ability to store, analyse and manage all kind of spatial data and present it in requested way. GIS applications can be used to solve transportation, logistic issues and make planning much easier.