Terrestrial laser scanning & data processing

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Laser scanning technology provides a fast and cost-effective method of getting more accurate and highly detailed 3D models of the required objects.
Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the required accuracy and the required level of detail, our experienced team will determine the best methodology, equipment and number of people to complete the project on time, cost-effectively and with the desired results.
Our knowledge and experience gained on projects from various fields and industries gives us confidence that we will find the best and most optimal solution for you.

Benefits of using 3D laser scanning technology are:

  • Remote data capture, which improves worker safety as well as providing access to hard to reach and dangerous locations
  • Fast, accurate and highly detailed data collection, enabling offsite fabrication and less construction rework caused by clashes and fit-up problems
  • Reduced facility downtime and reduction or elimination of costly return visits to the site
  • Registered point cloud gives us a complete 3D presentation of the existing environment in a global or project coordinate system
  • Point cloud data can be published and shared online to any client in the world and can be directly integrated into your CAD or BIM workflow

Terrestrial Laser Scanning can be used in many applications such as:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Engineering and construction
  • Roads and rail infrastructure
  • Mining and industrial plant space
  • Architecture
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Deformation monitoring and analysis surveys
  • Fabrication and construction QA
  • Heritage and archaeology
  • Accident investigation and structural failure
  • Power lines and utilities

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