Land surveying

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Besides remote sensing services, GEOTAUR offers a variety of solutions related to conventional surveying. We can split land surveying into following activities:

Topographical survey

Includes the usage of conventional and modern survey equipment in order to acquire data for the preparation and production of topographic maps for different scales and purposes.

Construction and as-built surveying

Usually, this kind of activities refer to infrastructure objects such as roads, rails, buildings, dams and others. We are providing surveying services in each phase of the project execution, some of them are: surveying existing conditions, stake out reference elements, horizontal & vertical control on multiple floors, as built survey, etc.

Structural (deformation) monitoring

Systematic measurement and tracking of the alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object. Some of the common parameters we can calculate from our measurements are rotation, shifting, declining, rising, torsion. Deformation data must be checked for statistical significance, and then checked against specified limits, and reviewed to see if movements below specified limits imply potential risks.

Cadastral surveying

Many properties have considerable problems with regard to improper bounding or miscalculations in past surveys. Common use of a cadastral survey is to determine a legal property boundary on the ground. Geotaur can analyze legal documents, official plans and maps prepared by attorneys, engineers, and other land surveyors and help you to identify/split/merge your properties.

Mining, quarry and volumetric survey

This is a type of survey that determines volumes of stock piles, excavation areas, quarries, mine shafts, embankments, berms, etc. Geotaur is able to perform any kind of volume calculations and present them in various ways such as profiles, sections, colored grid maps, cut/fill tables, charts, diagrams, etc.

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