GeoMax, headquartered in Switzerland, provides a comprehensive range of integrated solutions as a result of the development, production and distribution of quality construction and surveying equipment and software.Being part of Hexagon, a global technology group with strong market positions in measurement technology, enables GeoMax to access top-notch R&D facilities which results in the great balance between price and quality.

Geotaur d.o.o. will provide you with service and distribution for territory of Serbia, Montenegro and  Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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The Zenith16 GNSS receiver is a cost-effective investment that guarantees reliable results.

Zenith35 Pro

Drastically minimize the time of any survey task and boost your performance and accuracy.


Thanks to Precise Point Positioning (PPP), the Zenith40 delivers high reliability, productivity and accuracy, even in areas without an RTK connection.


With PicPoint, you can easily measure points directly in the field that cannot be measured with conventional GNSS measurements, such as on facade points or objects with restricted access possibility.

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