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One thing that everybody knows about us is that we are different. We like to keep things precise, exact, sharp and simple. Our foundation is knowledge, teamwork, vision, quality and fun. Core of our business our word, we stick to it no matter what.

All of our employees are highly educated engineers with M.Sc. degrees ,we have great amount of experience in:

  • Airborne & mobile LIDAR data processing – point cloud classification, contour extraction, volume calculations, profiles & cross sections extraction, raster surface generation, raster interpolation, shape files manipulation, conversion, point cloud vectorisation, drafting, etc.
  • 3D modeling – creation of as build models of steel structures, piping systems, oil & gas facilities, buildings, tunnels…
  • Digital photogrammetry – airborne & satellite images processing, orthophoto & DEM generation, raster reprojection, mosaic creation.
  • GIS & WEB GIS applications – geographical data analysis & management.
  • 3D mapping – creation of all kind of topographical maps, preliminary road design, corridor creation, feature lines & corridor surfaces extraction
  • Conventional surveying, total station & GPS field data acquisition and data processing.


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Why you should choose us?

We are committed to always gaining a deeper understanding of the needs of our clients and this has led to positive experiences working with clients through the delivery of high quality services.



Experience in working on a large number of projects on different parts of the World gives us the confidence that we will always find the best solution for you.

Team leader

Aleksandar Milosavljevic

Winners never quit, and quitters never win.